2023- 24 Scholarship Winners!

MCPON Crow Memorial

MCPON Walker Honorary

Sophia Matthiesen
St. Marys, GA


"Being selected as a MCPON Crow Memorial Scholarship recipient is an incredible honor and gives me the resources to pursue my dreams, and create a brighter future for the environment we all rely on."

                                     Sophia Matthiesen

                                      Georgia Institute of Technology
                                              Chemical Engineering                          



“Things rarely seem as hard when they are done.”

“Thank you so much to the CPOSF and MCPON Walker.  I am honored.  Being selected for this scholarship is encouraging and motivating.  As a rising junior, I look forward to pursuing my Aerospace Engineering degree at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.”

                                          Tory Ridgeway    



Tory Ridgeway
Upper Marlboro, MD

If you have been selected, please download the
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Email the completed form and photos to by August 1, 2023.


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CPOSF Student
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