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2018 Scholarship Winners!

Sadie Hasenfus

MCPON Thomas Crow Memorial

Avery   Naperala

MCPON Walker Honorary

Kayla Handy
Christopher-Angelo Buenaventura
Chanel Flores-Vargas
Audrey Guyett
Brianna Harriman
Sean Lassister
Megan Swanson
Hannah Sonntag
Olivia Anderson
Hannah Cummings
Kyle Alaniz
Kayla Music
Elizabeth Wood
Aaron Holmes
Cabriel Diego Martinez
Adrienne Ortiz
Megan Parmenter
Tiana Calvert
Jamila Clayton
Kristina Boone
Diann Toone
Ernest Wesley
Gabriela Flores
Alexandre Hebert


Jacob Hunt
Rachel  Cartwright
Moses Weaver
Jackson Toone
Lindsey Ward
Rebekah Baugman
Natalie Ebreo
Sienna Kallner
Ellis Roshawn
Ashley Lira
Joseph Melia
Blaise Knueppel
Wyatt Bunker
Michael Ward
Brandon Hill
Nicole Ebreo
Christian Lowery
Natalie Matesic-Little
Andrea Husler
Emily Anderson
Destani Hopes
Nicole Harris
Kassidy Ruff
Derek Mayhugh
Monica Guyett
Sarah Farque

Download: 2018 Student AWARD FORM

If you have been selected, please download the
2018 Student Award Form
Email the completed form to by August 1, 2018.


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